Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here.

Liberia A Brief History

After the abolishment of slavery, the struggle for freedom for African American rose tremendously in the United States. The back to Africa Movement became the core decision to solve the inequality problem that many free slaves were experiencing. This decision made it possible for the free slave to return back to Africa to establish their own home. The land that is now Liberia was the country of choice and the back to Africa movement began.
·         1822- The first free black settlers arrived in the land that is now called Liberia.
·         1847- On July 26, The Liberian Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed.
·         1848- The Liberian Constitution was ratified and first presidential election was held
·         1851- First college was established in the country

Liberia first president was a free slave by the name of Joseph Jenkins Roberts. Liberia consisted of indigenous Liberians and Ameri-Co Liberians who were the free slaves from the U.S.  Liberia became known as the Republic of Liberia. The capital is Monrovia named after U.S president James Monroe, It is also nicknamed the “Lone Star country”, and The Liberian pledge of allegiance is similar to the U.S pledge of Allegiance. Liberia has had 20 presidents from 1847 to present time. The Liberian government consist of the legislative branch, executive branch and judicial branch very similar to the U.S governmental structure.


Full name: Republic of Liberia
·  Population: 4.1 million (UN, 2010)
·  Capital: Monrovia
·  Area: 99,067 sq km (38,250 sq miles)
·  Languages: English, 29 African languages belonging to the Mande, Kwa or Mel linguistic groups
·  Major religions: Christianity, Islam, indigenous belief
·  Life expectancy: 59 years (men), 61 years (women) (UN)
·  Monetary unit: 1 Liberian dollar (L$) = 100 cents
·  Main exports: Diamonds, iron ore, rubber, timber, coffee, cocoa
·  GNI per capita: US $160 (World Bank, 2009)


  1. After reading your blog, i must say that i am very fortunate to have experienced a taste of the culture, foods, and the history of Liberia. One day, i hope to take a trip there and other places in Africa to give back in anyway to help show pride, and honor in where my ancestors came from, the motherland, Africa. People always focus on what they hear and see negatively about countries in africa, however we all must understand there are bad happening all over the world, but in some places more than others. There are many reasons that give way to prolong the problems that many countries faced then and now. One of the main problems, is that people tend to put more attention into discussion and never enough on what "actions" could be done immediately, to help put an end to what they are so busy feeling the right to converse over and televise. We must help one another to put an end to all the negativity,by enforcing action. Helping better our world, our people our homes, in reference to what Patience said the Home is where the heart is. Therefore knowing the facts about people cherishering their own homes, let us help others create their own homes, and keep their homes, safe, and a friendly environment for all. Furthermore, lets not forget although it might take a long time to get the results needed. The only way to put a complete end on the things that are hurting our people, and our world is to consistently fight positively to bring about the change we want to see, individually,and together as a unit.

  2. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, and that is my main focus, to show the positive aspects of liberia. like you said earliar, people tend to focus more on the negativity. But i am so happy you support my efforts:)