Spotlight of the Week: DR. EVELYN KANDAKAI

Dr. Evelyn Kandakai is the Executive Director of the Liberian Education Trust - Monrovia, an initiative of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's administration aimed at providing education for Women and Girls.
Dr.Evelyn Kandakai is former Minister of Education of Liberia. She is former Dean of Academic Affairs and head of the education division of the Cuttington University in Liberia. In1997, she became one of the nine members of the country's Elections Commission. She's also a member of the steering committee of the Association for the Development Education in Africa (ADEA) and is Chair of the of the Liberian chapter of the Forum for Africa Women Educationalists (FAWE). Dr. Kandakai earned her Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in the States in curriculum and instructions. She went on to the Teachers College at the Columbia University where she got her Doctorate Degree.
Spotlight of the Week:Dr. Amos Sawyer

Dr. Sawyer is one of Liberia's long standing politicians that is respected for his political opinions. He headed one of the country's interim governments during the 90s.

Description of Work:
Dr. Sawyer has been one of Liberia's long standing active politicians. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Northwestern University. He lately served as Associate Director and Research Scholar, workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis in the Department of Political Science at Indiana University in Bloomington, USA.

Dr, Sawyer was once a professor of political science at the University of Liberia before moving on to become Interim president in 1990.

Currently, he heads the Commission on Good Governance in Liberia. Appointed by President Sirleaf.

Spotlight of the Week: Dr. Robert Dennis

Dr. Dennis is Chief Medical Officer of the John F Kennedy Hospital in Liberia. It is Liberia's largest referral hospital. Dr. Dennis and team have a daunting task of restoring JFK's efficiency.

Biographical Information
...Doctor Dennis is one of the few Liberians who left his lucrative Job as a Medical Doctor in the United States to return to his home country Liberia and contribute to the nation building process.

Spotlight of the Week: Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright is a Liberian American up & coming ACTOR!! He graduated from THe National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Washington D.C. Wright Debuted his acting skills in the much anticipated theater play "An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein" which recieved rave reviews in its opening week. 
Silverstein’s poetry for children may verge on “edgy,” but this series of short plays is where the master wordsmith cuts loose and lets rip with – shall we say – less “decent” humor. Director Colin Grube does a fine job of tying the vignettes together through seamless transitions, and with his design team, creates a number of clever pictures with minimal scenery. Arturo Tolentino and Samantha Merrick deftly handle Silverstein’s wittiest wordplay in the sketch “One Tennis Shoe.” Dena Colvin, Julie Harris and Samuel Wright are a delight as they twist a twisted rhyme in “Buy One, Get One Free.” Wright himself scores the funniest performance of the evening with deadpan honesty as “The Best Daddy.” You can find the rest of this Review in The MD Theater Guide.. Click on the link to read more: