Administration believes Liberia's economic salvation – and perhaps the reconciliation of its people – lies in the attraction of foreign investment in order to reduce poverty. The administration has therefore signed yet another mineral management agreement with the "winner" of a recent bid. Economist and veteran civil rights advocate, Dr. Togbah-Nah Tipoteh, agrees; he also agrees that the administration's declaration of "zero tolerance" for corruption is a good starter. However, he says attracting foreign investment by violating the investment code is tantamount to attracting no investment at all. He is therefore raising legal and technical questions. The Analyst, reports.
The government of Liberia says it has signed a US $2.6 billion mineral development agreement the Western Cluster Ltd, which reportedly comprises the controversial Elinelto and two holding companies – Sesa Goa and Bloom Fountain Limited – to mine iron ore in western Liberia.
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Brumskine Appeals to Voters for Change

Will Africa's Only Woman President be Unseated?

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf faces a constitutional challenge and stiff competition at the polls as several opposition parties teamed up in a bid to unseat her.
This year's coming presidential elections will serve as a true test of Liberia's commitment to peace, as well as the United Nations' ability to build a sustained peace and prevent future atrocities. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, 72, is running for a second term in the second election since Liberia's bloody 14-year civil war ended.
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Liberia: Govt, Western Cluster Sign Agreement

 Campaigning for Liberia's presidential election in October has shifted into high gear. Charles Brumskine, a 60-year-old lawyer who ran third in the country's first post-war poll in 2005, is the Liberty Party's standard-bearer. He tells AllAfrica's Boakai Fofana and Reed Kramer his plans for the country if elected president.

  Liberia: Country Ready for U.S.-India Food Initiative
Liberia might qualify as archetypal of sub-Saharan countries that suffer perennial food shortage, but that is not to say that its officials in charge of food security are not without plans. They do, meaning that the nation is ever ready to dovetail its agro programs with the reported US-India joint food security initiative for Liberia. The Analyst has been in conversation with the head of the nation's food producing agency – the Minister of Agriculture, Madam Florence Chenoweth – to figure out just how prepared Liberia is to fight food insecurity.READ FULL STORY AT:

Liberia: Ivorian Refugees Look for Long-Term Solutions

Zwedru — As refugees look set to stay in eastern Liberia for some time to come, they are starting to lay the foundations of new lives in their temporary home, while aid agencies and donors try to revamp their aid responses to address longer-term needs.READ WHOLE STORY AT:

Liberia: Win U.S.$10,000 in the 2011 Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education.The fourth annual Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education launched this week in Liberia. The competition, accepting applications until October 10th, rewards Liberian organizations taking an entrepreneurial approach to education in Africa. READ FULL STORY AT