Thursday, July 28, 2011

*Rich Culture, Rich Nation*

When i think about Liberian Arts, i think about the great meaning and story line that comes with it. Theres a purpose for each art work, very intrigate details and all handmade. Our Art works varies from tribes to location and history. Some of Liberian Arts & Craft works consist of weaving, Native Cloth (also known as lappa) folk stories, paintings, pottery, culture dancing (one of my fav) wooden figures etc. I found a video on youtube showing different types of Liberian Artwork. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Cultural dances/performances are amongst Liberia's  popular art forms. Each culture dance tells a story with the drums, the folk songs,  Costume, and performers. Each dance comes from a particular tribe in Liberia and they tell stories of love, celebration, war, hunger, poverty, marriage, ancestery, fashion etc. I LOVe Liberian Culture dancing, its  a passion of mine even though im not great at it lol . My mother is a Liberian Cultural dancer, she's been dancing her whole life, and watching her on stage  is amazing!! words can not describe it!! since i was a little girl i use to watch her perform, My mother is  amazing!:) Love her very much!! 

I Love everything about Liberian Arts=D

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