Thursday, April 7, 2011

The United Nations Pleas to the World to Help Liberia Host Ivorian Refugees

Due to the recent conflicts that Ivory Coast is facing, many of dislocated Ivorians are seeking refuge in neighboring country of Liberia. Liberia has seen it's share of tragedy and turmoil and in recent years have tried to gain stability. Liberia is still recovering from a 20 years Civil War and is still unsecure. Valerie Amos, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs visited Liberia to plead to the rest of the world to aid liberia efforts in hosting Ivorian refugees in the country. An estimated 120,000 Ivoirians have fled Côte d'Ivoire since December last year following the disputed presidential election, and more than 110,000 of the refugees have sought shelter in eastern Liberia, the majority of them among host communities.Ms. Amos traveled to Toe town in Grand Gedeh County bordering Côte d'Ivoire where she talked with Ivorian refugees who gave her their accounts of their difficult trek into Liberia and their current living conditions.The Liberian Government, UN agencies, as well as national a nd international NGOs have been providing help, including the protection of civilians, food, education, health and sanitation. Liberian families, some of whom were themselves refugees not long ago, have been hosting some of the refugees, sharing with them their meagre resources.Ms. Amos appealed to donor countries to contribute to Liberia's emergency action plan, which has requested USD 146.5 million, but has so far received USD 35 million or 23 per cent of what is needed.

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