Thursday, April 21, 2011

SpotLight: Johnny Mad Dog!

The Past is the Key to the Future.

Director: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire tells the story of  vicious child soldiers in Liberia armed with weapons of death and willing to use them at the slightest provocation serves as the focal point for this drama highlighting the need for greater humanity in a country ravaged by absurd wars. Johnny is a fifteen year old soldier with a small commando unit, and together this team robs, pillages, and kills everyone and everything in their path. Laokolé is a sixteen year old girl who spirits her disabled father around on a ramshackle wheelbarrow and looks after her eight year old brother Fofo while dreaming of ways to leave the city and build a better future. As Johnny advances and Laokolé falls back, miniature warlords leading diminutive armies kill each other over such trivialities as misplaced words or television sets. What will it take to ensure that no more childhoods are cut tragically short? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi ~

I strongly believe that the past is the answer to the future. When we are able to solve the mysteries of the past we are able to prevent history from repeating itself into the future. No doubt in my mind that the Liberian Civil war was  brutal and one of the longest civil war in West Africa but if we are willing and able to learn from our past mistakes and if we are able to recognize where we went wrong and if we are able to recognize humanities needs then we will be able to have a better future. Liberia will Rise Again!!!


  1. Documentaries like those just put chills on my skin. One thing that I have really been pondering is what the ex child soldiers are doing now. I wonder if there are any programs that the government has made to help them because I'm sure they are going through a lot of regret, grief and trauma now that the war is over.
    As cliche as this sounds, the children are the future of Liberia. These ex child soldiers are going to make Liberia what it will be 50 years from now. My hope is that these children will get the counceling and therapy that they need to suceed in life. Yes, education is very important and they should find means to get an education but their primary goal should be to get help because they need a lot of help.
    -God have mercy on us!

  2. Where can I get that documentary anyway? (I left the above comment)

  3. you can download the documentary on google or watch snipets of it on youtube.